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Godzilla - Smash3 is an exciting mobile game that combines puzzle-solving with intense fighting action. In this game, you take control of the legendary monster Godzilla as he rampages through the streets of New York City, battling enemies along the way.

The gameplay revolves around connecting at least three tiles of the same color to unleash powerful attacks. Each color represents a different type of attack, such as light, medium, or heavy, as well as special moves that can unleash devastating blasts or heal Godzilla.

With its innovative gameplay and stunning graphics, Godzilla - Smash3 offers an enjoyable gaming experience. However, as you progress through the game, in-app purchases become necessary to overcome the challenges of later levels.

Unleash the full power of Godzilla as you pursue dangerous MUTO monsters in this unique blend of 3D action and puzzle-solving. Control every stomp, slash, and bite by strategically matching or smashing puzzle tiles to guide Godzilla through 80 levels set in cities around the world. Upgrade Godzilla to match your playstyle and call upon friends for assistance when needed. Utilize powerful boosts to conquer new objectives and puzzles in each level, or build up energy to unleash Godzilla's signature ATOMIC BREATH.

Key features of Godzilla - Smash3 include:

  • Devastating Visuals - Witness cities crumble and battalions burn in stunning 3D graphics.
  • Action meets Puzzle - Experience a fusion of classic gameplay elements.
  • Brains plus Brawn - Smash your way through levels in seconds, but master the game over months.
  • Massive Bosses - Battle against dangerous MUTO monsters from the movie.
  • Global Destruction - Pursue Godzilla's foes across land, sea, and air.
  • Constant Variety - Face new challenges and puzzle types across 80 levels.
  • Game-changing Boosts - Gain an edge and supercharge your abilities.
  • Upgradeable Powers - Strengthen Godzilla to suit your preferred playstyle.
  • Full Facebook Integration - Seek help from friends or challenge them for dominance.

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